Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hardest question of the week.

This weekend has been very busy! Alan left at about 4:30 am on Friday headed for two weeks in Israel! It is very much a God-ordained and orchestrated trip so even in my hesitation about handling the girls alone for 14 days, I am so excited for him. Yesterday, my cousin Jay graduated from high school. We went to the graduation and to a party for him afterwards. It was lots of fun with family and good friends.

On Friday, I took the girls over for a visit with Mema and Pepa. Pepa's daughter, Cynthia, granddaughter, Christy, and great-grandson, Riley were in town visiting from Dallas. His spirits are always up when Cynthia comes for a visit. You can tell they have a special bond. He had been asking to see the girls, so I wanted to go as soon as I heard that. We stayed for a good long while. At one point it was just me and Cynthia back in his room. He asked for me to come over to his bed and he asked if I would pray about something. Of course, I said sure. He then asked the hardest question I think I've ever been asked. He asked if I would pray about doing the music at his funeral. I have sung at many funerals before, even for family members (which is not easy for me, and usually results in tears or a complete breakdown). I had never been asked though by the actual person, and for Pepa to ask was a strange realization for me. With big tears in my eyes, I looked into his tear filled eyes and said that I would be honored to do that. I asked him if he had any songs in mind, and he said he would be thinking about it and wanted me to do the same. I then took his hand and said that we still had time to decide and he squeezed my hand and just looked away out the window. I don't know if I've ever had a conversation with someone like that who knew that they were dying, and that it would probably happen soon. I kept it together just long enough to load up the girls and get out of the driveway. As I was driving away, the Lord put a song on my heart. I had only heard it one time, because it was on a brand new CD that I had just gotten the day before. I hurried home, grabbed the CD and listened to the song again. I want to share the words of it because it has really ministered to me this week. I don't know if I will sing it at the funeral, but I think either way I will share it with Pepa and hopefully it will bring him some comfort like it has me.

Soon by Brooke Ligertwood

Soon and very soon my King is coming
Robed in righteousness and crowned with love
When I see Him I shall be made like Him
Soon and very soon

Soon and very soon I'll be going
To the place He has prepared for me
There my sin erased my shame forgotten
Soon and very soon

I will be with the One I love
With unveiled face I'll see Him
There my soul will be satisfied
Soon and very soon

Soon and very soon
See the procession
The angels and the elders 'round the throne
At His feet I'll lay my crowns, my worship
Soon and very soon

I will be with the One I love
With unveiled face I'll see Him
There my soul will be satisfied
Soon and very soon

Though I have not seen Him
My heart knows Him well
Jesus Christ the Lamb, the Lord of heaven

I will be with the One I love
With unveiled face I'll see Him
There my soul will be satisfied
Soon and very soon

Although I am not lying in a hospital bed knowing that my days are numbered, I realize that our time here on earth is so very short. What a great comfort to know that on the other side of this life is a place where we will see our Heavenly Father and spend eternity with Him. That brings me a lot of joy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A visit with Mema and Pepa

I have blogged a lot in the past about my grandparents. They are a very dear, precious part of our lives. Pepa is not doing so well. It is hard for me to talk about, but I just wanted to share some pictures of our last visit. I only had my phone, but I realized what precious moments these were and I do not want to look back and regret not capturing any of them on film.

Mema and Molly Kate

Ava loves Mema!!

Playing with Pepa.

These were my favorites of the day. Ava and Pepa just watching the birds, squirrels and the fish pond.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quiet evening

I am actually having a nice, quiet evening to myself. The kids are all in bed...finally! Alan is out in the studio jamming with Landon before he leaves for the summer. So I decided it is time for a blog! I don't have many exciting things to share, but it's still fun to write. I am on a mission (seems to be my lifelong mission) to get organized in my home. I have purged my home of so much junk in the last month, and there is still more! I never thought I was a pack rat, but I have just been hanging on to stuff, and I have no idea why! I cleaned out Alan's closet last week. Wow! Fashion wise, my husband has come a long way! I guess some of the things were in style about 10-12 years ago, and I honestly think he's been hanging on to them since then! It was so funny to hear him trying to justify keeping some of the items! I didn't realize guys had emotional attachments to some clothes! The worst were his old gig clothes. He would not let me throw them away! So, I added them to the costume section of my closet (I have quite a good collection!)

This is the jacket part of a polyester suit that is very dear to my husband's heart.

This is the lovely shirt that he would wear underneath the polyester suit. This picture does not do the silver flames pattern justice! And of course it's a nice rayon/acetate blend.

My personal favorite: the ocean/palm tree polyester shirt. The best part is the brand: Hoax Original. A hoax indeed!

This week I have moved on to my closet. I'm still not done, but I haven't had a chance to finish it up after I got started. I did get all of the maternity clothes put away. I decided there was no need to leave them out, because it is merely a temptation to slip back into the flowy, non figure showing looks that sound like a really good idea right now! Instead, I boxed them up and I think I'm going back to Weight Watchers this week. I had pretty good success with it after I had Ava and I'm certainly not losing weight just by wishing it! So, my plan is to go to the Mom and Me class tomorrow morning at 9:30. I can do it! (I'm giving myself a pep talk!)

This is my giant tub of maternity clothes. I even put away my FAVORITE elastic waist jeans. It was very hard for me. I would give them to Abby, but she is so tiny I don't think she will ever get into any of them!

I will leave you with my favorite picture so far this week. All of these pics are from my iPhone because I never think to carry my camera around with me. I'm glad I have it though, because I get to capture little moments like this one. Molly Kate and I were waiting for Ava at gymnastics and she was just being so sweet and looked so cute!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Sweet MK

Molly Kate will be 6 months old on Sunday! What a great Mother's Day gift! Half a year with the sweetest little baby! I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. Honestly, I feel a little bit guilty. I have done a terrible job of documenting her first year so far. I try to remember to take pictures, but by the time I get out the door with the baby seat, the diaper bag fully stocked with anything we might possibly need, Ava's sippy cup, Pull up, and her favorite stuffed animal of the day, I rarely remember to grab the camera! I'm going to work on that though. I have documented a bit of her cuteness in the last few weeks so I wanted to share!

Here is my little princess enjoying some tummy time.

Isn't she the cutest!?!
This is MK's first taste of "food." I don't know baby Oatmeal counts as food, but I think she liked it! She did really good with the spoon, and just kept opening up for more.
And here is my favorite picture of me and my sweetheart. I realized that I have very few pictures of myself with my kids. I guess because I'm always behind the camera. So on Easter I made Alan take a few of me with my baby girl.
She really is the sweetest natured baby. She rarely fusses or cries. She's just laid back and quite content all the time. What a blessing! I love you Molly Kate!