Friday, March 27, 2009

Nurses are mean people

Today was Molly Kate's 4 month old check up. It was actually our second attempt at the 4 month old check up. On the first one, we found out she had an ear infection and had to do a round of antibiotics. So today, after rechecking the ears, she was cleared for the lovely 4 month shots. I hate when my kids get shots. Most mothers would hold their child, sing in their ear, lovingly pat them while they receive the shots, but not me. I am on the other side of the room. I am not afraid of needles or anything like that (I actually enjoy having my blood taken. I love watching it!). I, in no way, want my child to associate me with the pain that is being inflicted upon her. Now, my child is very smart. But in her 4 month old genius mind she can not rationalize that it is the mean nurse giving her the shot. If all she sees is my face in front of hers, shushing her and telling her it's all going to be ok, then that makes me the bad guy. So there I wait, on the other side of the room. When the shots are done, I swoop in and comfort her and save her from mean nurse Whitney. I am the hero. In her 4 month old genius mind she has not put two and two together yet and realized that I am the one who drove her to this place, and I am the one who undressed her and made her lay on that cold table. Nope, all she knows is that her wonderful mommy loves her and would never stick yucky needles in her. So I'm feeling pretty good about myself today!

Side note: Whitney is a FABULOUS nurse! It's just nice to have someone to take the blame for the awfulness of shots!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letters I will never send...

Dear man leaving McAllister's last Saturday night,

As a mother of three, I am constantly trying to stay on top of my children's well-being. Would you mind letting us get in our car and out of the parking lot before lighting up your cigarette? I'm not trying to be rude. Taylor is allergic to smoke, but my bigger concern was the oxygen tank you were loading into your car as the lit cigarette was dangling out of your mouth. The six other tanks in your truck bed were also a source of concern for me.

Dear American Idol producers,

I was under the impression from the last seven seasons of this show that you were running a singing competition. At least that's what Simon reminds us all of as he mercilessly rips into the contestants he feels can't sing on any particular night. So, you must understand my surprise at the finalists. Now don't get me wrong, there are some of your final contestants who are very vocally gifted, but I was so disappointed with the Wild Card show in particular. I know this was a few weeks ago, but as each new show airs I am just still so shocked at a few of the choices. I am working on my critical spirit, so instead of voicing my frustrations at the the contestants who did make it, I will just say that Ricky Braddie was robbed! That boy can sing and should have been put into the finals! But as Simon put it that night, you had to "cast" the show and that's when I realized that this show just like every other "reality" show on TV is far from realistic and you were simply putting the characters for Season 8 into place. I will continue to watch, but I am disappointed.

Dear Lubbock National Bank,

While I appreciate your efforts to keep fraud and theft at a low level, would you please give me a heads up before you stop the ability to use my debit card? Just because a card is used in another state doesn't mean you should stop it after two transactions. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be told "Your card is declined" at the Alco in Pagosa Springs, CO??? If someone were to steal a debit card, I doubt they would be buying $26 worth of coloring books, snacks and a Wolf Creek tourist T-shirt. And to make things worse, it was St. Patrick's day and two people dressed up like Leprechauns would not stop offering up their opinions on why the card was possibly being rejected! The Alco was my main source of entertainment this week. It's hard to go skiing with 3 kids, so my little outing was quite enjoyable until the whole check-out debacle. A little warning next time might be nice.

Dear Project Runway producers,

Enough of this network bickering already!!! The season has been filmed. The finalists have already shown their collections at fashion week, and still we have no show on the air! Now that Top Chef is over I need my Wednesday night 8:00 pm TiVo slot filled, not to mention I love PR and I am in need of a new season! I don't care if you stay on Bravo or move to Lifetime. Like I said, I TiVo the show so I can fast forward through the cheesy Lifetime movie promotional commercials. Just put the show on the air! In the words of Tim Gunn, "Make it work!"

Dear Facebook,

So many things to say to you. First of all, I really love FB. It is a great way to keep in touch with people. My dad even got a FB this week on vacation. It's pretty funny to watch his excitement as he checks to see who wants to be his friend every few hours from his Blackberry. My dad is so hip. I would like to request that you stop changing the layout of the home page! Every time I just about get it all figured out, there you go changing it up again! I don't care one way or the other, just keep it the same! I am tired of having to figure out where the birthday reminders went and where the friend requests have relocated. People want my birthday greetings and friend approvals! Keep it simple and the same for more than a few months this time!!!

And finally...

Dear makers Boudreaux's Butt Paste,

Your product is fantastic. My girls have been diaper rash free since I discovered you. I only have one simple request. Is there any way you can make a lid for the tube that will not easily screw off? Your tube of paste combined with my curious two year old resulted in a 4 month old baby with an ear full of butt paste. I'm just saying, a better cap is something you might want to think about.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterday...there's a shadow hanging over me...

I haven't blogged in a while. This morning as I sit and try to decide what fabulous things have happened over the last week to write about, I can't remember much of anything before yesterday. I ended the day by sharing with Alan that I feel a really strong heaviness in my spirit. I can't pinpoint it. I thought it was because I went to a funeral earlier in the day. A dear friend, Rocky Green passed away from brain cancer. Rocky and I met and became friends in January 2000. He was a great friend, brother, teacher and lover of Jesus. He was always so consumed with God and His word and just doing whatever he could to grow closer to the Lord. He always inspired me in that way. I have lost touch with Rocky in the last few years as he moved away to Hawaii and then to California. When I learned of his diagnosis a few years ago I was so saddened, but one day not long after hearing the news I ran into his parents at a store. Their faith in God's total healing and positive outlook for Rocky's life, just boosted my hope. So when I heard of his passing last Wednesday I was just overwhelmed with sadness. I know Rocky is praising Jesus and having an amazing time in heaven, but the grief felt by those left here still makes it hard. If you think about it, say a prayer for the Green family today. Rocky was married last August and his wife, Jena is expecting their first child. Pray for his parents, his sister and her family, and his brother Caleb. For a few years of my life, Caleb was my very best friend. I never had a brother, but Caleb was the closest thing in my life to it. God brought Caleb into my life at a critical time. I was starting my second semester of college and was desperately needing to find a Christian friend. It was very hard for me to be what felt like the only light in a dark world all around me. And then Caleb came along. His light never dimmed and he introduced me to all of the other "lights" that were already there that I was too shy or scared to try and find for myself. At Rocky's funeral, Caleb sang one of Rocky's songs called Rest, and I sat admiring and grieving for my dear friend as he paid a final tribute to his hero in life, his older brother.

I'm not sure if this is the root of the heaviness inside of me. I suspect it is something more, but I'm not sure what it is. It could just be the tiredness and exhaustion I feel in my physical body. I think it's a combination of a lot of things. I faced another situation yesterday that just totally drained me. I drove away from the frustration and could literally feel some of the heaviness lifting off of me as I drove further and further away.

The bright spot of my day yesterday was a little bit odd. Taylor's mom, Summer had her baby late Monday night, so yesterday I took Taylor up to hospital to meet her new little sister, Avery Star. I know Molly Kate is only 3 1/2 months old, but she seemed so big compared to this little newborn. She was so beautiful with a head of dark hair and Taylor's cute little nose. I just held her for the better part of the hour we were there. What could have been and probably should have been a really awkward moment wasn't. There we were, Taylor, Summer, and I just sitting and chatting. God's grace is pretty amazing. I pray that Avery Star Tanner will come to know Jesus at a young age and that she will always be protected and loved and that God's hand will be on her always.

The day ended with a birthday dinner for my brother-in-law Heath. If you haven't met Heath, you should. You can read this to see what my sister thinks about her hubby.

Yesterday was full of one crazy event after another and honestly I'm glad it's over. Today my goal is to have a peaceful, relaxing day with my girls and just spend some much needed time in His presence.