Friday, February 12, 2010

Here I Am: 2-12-10

Where I am: February 12, 2010

What I'm listening to: The sound of buttons on the jeans clanging around in the dryer in an otherwise very quiet house. And my dog chewing on some plastic toy she found in the girls toy basket.

What I'm thinking about: What a blessing it is that my little girls are still sleeping! Ava got up about 4 times last night (that's pretty average for her) and now she's sleeping in. I'm glad Molly Kate is still sleeping because last night she started running fever (again) and obviously did not feel good until it started coming down at about 10:00 pm. I'm glad she is getting some rest and her body is working on healing itself.

What I'm grateful for: Time to relax on this Friday! Now that I've gone back to work, my weeks are very hectic. Mondays and Fridays are my down time. I put in a lot of hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and my only breaks are the brief 30 minutes when I'm running to pick up kids and take them to the house before I have to be back at work, or when I'm running home, grabbing the kids and the babysitter, picking up dinner, dropping the babysitter off at home, and heading back to work. Did I mention this all happens in less than 30 minutes?? Those 3 days are pretty hectic, so I really enjoy a day like today when I can rest a bit. Weekends are equally busy since we have a Saturday night service and 2 Sunday morning services. Even though today is already filling up with several loads of laundry, a much needed trip to Sam's, and an unexpected but now necessary trip to the Doctor's office, it's still going to be a good day.

What I'm looking forward to: This weekend! My mother in law is coming to town (yes, I am excited about this). As far as Mother's in law go, she is pretty great. When she comes to visit, she just wants to spend lots of time with the grandkids so Alan and I always get to have some time to ourselves. We desperately need some time. We've gotten so busy since going back to work. I thought we were having a date night next weekend (we are in a babysitting co-op and trade off once a month going out/keeping kids) and have looked forward to it for a long time. It's one of those things that in the midst of the craziness and when I feel like I haven't had a real conversation with my husband in a long time, I can look at the calendar and say, "Ok, in 2 weeks we are having a date night!" and that kinda keeps me sane for a bit longer. So yesterday I found out the date night was cancelled and was bummed. Then my mother in law called and said she wanted to keep the kids on Sunday so we could go out for Valentines! Such a great treat!

I am also looking forward to this weekend at church. God put an idea in our hearts before we went back to work. I love creativity and incorporating it in our worship services. I love when we put on big conferences, not just for the bigger "show" but because I think that people are reached in lots of different ways. For some, the music speaks to them, but for others they may be more ministered to through a video or a dance. So, I wanted to start stepping it up a little in our worship times. Once a month we will have a BIG weekend (I don't know what else to call it). This weekend is all about love. So everything will be a little more "creative" and I'm really excited about it. We are also doing a new song that my husband wrote!!! He won't sing it, even though he did on the recording, but I understand his reasons why. It is such an amazing and worshipful song. I am excited to share it this weekend!!!

My current challenge: I have written a play/skit (not really sure what to call it). Basically it is a bunch of monologues inspired by real stories and people that I know. I shared it with my dad and he liked them. He said he wants us to do it for Easter. Every year at Easter we have one big service at the Civic Center. It is always a lot of work, but so rewarding because I know a lot of people are touched by the message that Easter is all about. So I am feeling very honored, nervous and challenged to put together a really great service for Easter. I feel peace about it though, because all of it has been very "God inspired." When I wrote the monologues I was very much in His presence and felt a creativity beyond myself.

I know this is getting long, so I'll wrap it up. Ava is now awake and wants breakfast, so to all my blog friends, have a blessed day!