Saturday, May 26, 2012

School's Out for Summer!!

What an exciting two weeks it's been as we've wrapped up the end of another school year!  Well, the little girls are done.  Poor Taylor still has two half days of finals.  This year, my littles went to two different schools.  We were at Lakeridge again and also at KDO at our church.  It was the first year for KDO and it was awesome!  We had such a great year at both places.  I'm thankful for good friends and teachers for my kiddos.

Lakeridge Memories:

This was Ava's 5th and last year at Lakeridge.  She started before she was a year old and we have just loved every year that she has had there.  This year, she made wonderful friends and had amazing teachers!

Ava and Lauren, sweet butterflies at the Spring Program

Ms. McMinn- Ava's super fun music teacher!

Ms. Irelan- such a sweet teacher!

Ms. Marshall- the BEST 4 year old preschool teacher!

Me and Ava at the Mother's Day Tea.

Best Friends: Lauren, Ava, and Kennedi

Molly Kate was a Busy Bee this year!  She had such a great class.

Busy Bees Spring Program

Ms. Ellon- Molly's favorite teacher!

Molly and her buddy, Jackson.

KDO Memories:

This was the first year of KDO and what a blessing it has been for ALL of us!  It was so nice to just bring the girls with me to work and know that they were having fun with all their friends and teachers.

Ava with her mutton-bustin' buddies, Hunter and Fisher, before they moved in March.

Ms. Margaret and Ava.  
Seriously, we could not have had a better teacher than Ms. Margaret.  She was the perfect teacher for right before kindergarten.  She taught Ava to read!  And I'm not talking "Wig on a Pig."  This girl is reading her Bible stories and gets all the words right.  I am so thankful for Ms. Margaret, she is truly a blessing!  This picture was taken at Ava's Lakeridge program.  Ava invited Ms. Margaret and she came!  What a sweet lady!!

Molly Kate the Mouse and Jack the Jar!

I'm kind of disappointed in myself that I did not get more pictures of KDO end of year stuff or any of Molly Kate with her sweet teachers, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Catrina!  

Taylor is finishing up her 6th grade year.  This was her first year at Shallowater Middle School and we have LOVED it!

Not a great pic, but this was Taylor's choir concert.

Taylor tried out for cheerleader and I could not have been more proud of her!!  She didn't make it, but she did such an awesome job!  She learned a chant, a cheer, and a dance in just a few days.  She totally rocked it!

Well, now we are ready for summer!

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